Business Analyst (BA) Program


The Business Analyst (BA) Program is a leadership development role within C&S which offers executive exposure and a guided career path to driven young professionals. Business Analysts (BAs) will have opportunities to experience areas of our operations from a top down and bottom up training method. While being exposed to the various processes and roles throughout the organization, BAs will provide analytical feedback and suggest innovative changes that impact our operation. The Program consists of a 4-week orientation followed by three 6-month rotations, each within a different department.

Upon successful completion of this 20-month rotational training program, BAs will be placed within a key department that best parallels skills and desired career path. Some of these departments include (but are not limited to): Warehouse Operations Planning, Supply Chain, Procurement, Sales/Marketing, Merchandising, Transportation, Engineering, Finance and Human Resources. 


With this position comes a high expectation for performance. The BA Program and C&S are a great fit for those who enjoy rigorous challenges and are committed to excellence!

Location: Keene, NH (Rotations locations may include: Newburgh, NY; York, PA; Kapolei, HI)


" Graduating with liberal arts degrees in Economics and Psychology, I did not have much knowledge or experience about supply chain. I was attracted to the rotational Business Analyst program at C&S because it allowed me to get involved in three different departments within the organization before deciding where I would fit best. For my first rotation, I am working with the Continuous Improvement team where I assist in implementing new systems and methodologies that aid in company-wide development. My experiences thus far have more than fulfilled my expectations prior to joining the company. I would recommend C&S and the BA program to graduates hoping to be quickly immersed in a supply-chain company and receive challenging and rewarding responsibilities. " - Khalil Grell , Business Analyst, C&S Wholesale Grocers (Amherst '13)
" The Business Analyst Program at C&S provides young professionals with an opportunity to develop a career while working in different departments across the company. Joining the program with other recent graduates has made it an easy adjustment from college and a great way to meet people and develop relationships. My current role is in Vendor & Transportation Supply Chain (VTSC). VTSC integrates with all aspects of the supply chain to improve and ensure smooth processes. Since my first day, I have been encouraged to learn about different departments, such as Procurement, Transportation and Operations, in order to fully understand the business. My ideas and opinions are valued and respected which makes C&S a great work environment. My dual major in Supply Chain Management and Retail Management at Syracuse has prepared me for my career and I’m excited to continue to implement what I’ve learned in the classroom to my different rotations at C&S! " - Caroline Porter , Business Analyst, C&S Wholesale Grocers (Syracuse ’12)