Marco Tucker's Story

For a vivid example of how lending a helping hand can lead to great things, look no further than Marco Tucker, a warehouse selector at ES3 (a C&S company). Five years ago, Marco had lost his job and was struggling with a drug and alcohol problem. He and his family were forced to move into a homeless shelter. It was rock bottom for the once-proud family man.

“My kids said, ‘Daddy, we’re hungry,’” Marco recalls. “It was the most painful moment of my life. I was as depressed as a man could be.”

The food bank at Tracy Interfaith Ministries provided the Tucker family with food, and a place to sleep, but Marco was still despondent. Then he met Jim Bringham, a C&S manager who recognized Marco’s potential and offered him a job.

“Jim gave me the hope and confidence I needed to start over,” says Marco. “I started out sweeping floors and worked my way up to more and more responsibilities.” 

“I’ve been to the bottom and I’ve seen the desperation and loneliness and hunger. There’s a big hole in your spirit until someone helps you. C&S and ES3 lifted me up and gave me a second chance. They really turned me around. I can’t say enough good things about this company. They aren’t just talk. When they say they care, they really do.”

There are millions of people like Marco in the U.S.—good people who just need a helping hand to get back on track and become self-sufficient. At C&S, we believe “a hot and a cot” isn’t enough; America needs a robust and sustained effort to solve the problems of hunger and homelessness. We’re committed to doing our part.