Meet Our Employees

At C&S, our employees are the key to our success. Each of them has a unique role in the company. Here are some of their stories:

Melissa Cook

Associate Financial Analyst

Why C&S is a great place to work
At C&S I have been given the opportunity to grow as an individual while being a part of a great team. I started working here in 2008 as a staff accountant in the Operations Accounting group. There I had multiple opportunities to excel and grow. I was able to cross train in my group, go back to school and earn a promotion.

It’s very rewarding to work together with your team to accomplish a difficult goal. My new position with the FP&A group offers me the opportunity to interface with almost all departments at C&S and to network with all levels of management.

Her favorite C&S employee benefits
I really appreciate the education reimbursement offered by C&S and the 401K match. The education benefit offers me the opportunity to grow as an employee, and the 401k match is helping me save for retirement.

On the C&S corporate culture
Corporate culture is an important part of any company. The C&S corporate culture is based on strong team oriented goals, customer focus, and community involvement. It is important to make our customers happy while maintaining the highest level of ethics. C&S makes sure that all employees are aware of this focus by making an ethics hotline available. We even have a C&S cheer to reinforce our team oriented focus.

Social responsibility and C&S
C&S is a very socially responsible company. As a member of the C&S team I feel it is important to do my part. I’m on the committee for corporate giving and am part of the C&S event planning team. I also volunteer for community events that C&S sponsors such as the “Clean Keene” project.

C&S provides localized grant mini grants to community groups; we also sponsor events that support our communities and bring people together. Since C&S employees are a large part of the surrounding communities I also think it is important to have employee events. That’s why I joined the Event Planning Team. We run events such as ice cream socials, Halloween celebrations and the annual Turkey Trot.

The last word
If you’re interested in a job that offers an opportunity to grow your career while supporting your community C&S is the place for you!

Rahul Kalke

Senior Corporate Counsel

What is C&S?
C&S is best known as a grocery wholesale company but really it is so much more.  As a procurement company, it is a powerful buyer of products and resources. C&S is also an intricately networked warehousing and distribution company, expert in logistics and supply chain issues.  C&S is also a technology company, constantly seeking to streamline and improve.  It is an employer of thousands, and widely recognized for supporting communities in which it operates.  It is a key business partner with its manufacturers, vendors and its retail customers. And it is an industry leader and innovator.  Given the breadth and scope of C&S operations, in my role as corporate counsel, there have been many opportunities to get involved with the various business units of C&S and simultaneously gain valuable experience in several areas. 

On career growth opportunities at C&S
At C&S, I have had the opportunity to work on a number of significant projects, helping to maintain and grow our business through new or extended supply arrangements with our retail customers; working to preserve business impacted by financial hardship through deal re-structurings; addressing issues related to union pensions; working on intellectual property matters; supporting our procurement department with vendor-related matters; managing commercial litigation issues and supporting our business units on day-to-day matters. Through my work I have been able to gain ever more knowledge about C&S’s business units and contribute to the continuous improvement of our operations and our customers’ experiences.

Most useful employee benefits
My family uses the health insurance, vision (I have recently learned I have officially reached that point when I need to obtain reading glasses!) and dental care benefits.  We are also fortunate to be able to participate in C&S’s 401(k) plan through my regular contributions and the matching program, which allows my family the opportunity to maximize our retirement savings.

On the C&S corporate culture
I would describe the culture here as very demanding, due to the requirements of our customers and vendors, which flow right through to our own needs.  There is much to learn as quickly as possible, and many challenges to overcome, given the constantly changing landscape.  The people I’ve met at C&S are determined, dedicated and responsive, and also willingly helpful and well-rounded (many of my colleagues pursue personal activities and endeavors such as participating in or coaching sports, teaching classes and volunteering in the community).  The atmosphere is rigorous, energetic and dynamic.  The environment is fast paced, meetings are focused and expectations are high.  To use a sports analogy, I have found that at C&S the ball will be passed to you and you will get to shoot it.  When you look back at what you have been able to contribute to the company’s accomplishments, and the challenges that have been overcome, you will be amazed and that is rewarding. 

Social responsibility and C&S
I am proud to be associated with a company that is so dedicated to community involvement.  I am constantly amazed at the large number of events within my local community that C&S has sponsored or supported in some fashion.  These include everything from a small bike rodeo for kids to a major fundraising event to support medical research.

Lorrie Ross

Executive Assistant

What makes C&S a great place to work
C&S has five goals that are part of our company vision. One is “everyone involved in everything.” And we do get involved, especially at our quarterly State of the Business meetings. We also have an Employee Focus Group that meets with company leaders to discuss employee concerns and suggestions. And there’s a real “family” feeling here. Every month we hold a “Friends of C&S” raffle to raise funds for C&S families who are facing tragedy or hardship. Plus we have ice-cream socials, employee appreciation events, etc.

Another part of the C&S vision urges employees to “have fun in the process.” We have groups that gather to walk or run at lunch every day, we offer workouts after hours, and we even have C&S movie night at the local theatre.

Opportunities are everywhere
There are real opportunities for advancement here at C&S. I’ve been promoted three times in five years. I started as an Administrative Assistant, was promoted to Recruiter a year later; Real Estate Coordinator the following year; and then to my current position of Executive Assistant to the EVP of Human Resources. C&S really encourages people to grow in their careers.

Most rewarding part of my job
I’m in HR, so I really enjoy the day-to-day contact I have with employees.  Being able to point someone in the right direction and help them out is very gratifying to me. 

My fave employee benefits
I like to stay fit and healthy, so for me it’s the free workout classes. We have Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, and Core Strength. C&S offers classes on-site five days a week for an hour after work. They even supply all the equipment. It’s a great perk.

On giving back to the community
C&S has many wonderful programs for employees who want to make a difference. The company is a big advocate of community, and we serve our communities all over the US.  Last year the entire HR department volunteered at the Community Kitchen to help paint and build shelves. It was a very rewarding and fun day.

My advice to anyone interested in a career here
If you’re looking for a fast-paced, challenging place to spend your day, C&S is it. You must have a good attitude, a sense of humor, and appreciate hard work but the rewards are so worth it!  The Cohen family is wonderful—fair and giving, and appreciative of their employees. Come and join us!

Ron Wright

Senior Director, Corporate Facilities Maintenance

On working for a company that nobody knows
C&S is a huge company, with 22 locations and over 17,000 employees--and yet very few people outside the grocery industry know about us. I enjoy explaining what we do to people who are new to the food industry or the company.

On the culture of opportunity
C&S has a culture of opportunity that allows for rapid learning, advancement, and professional experience. There are low barriers for entry between departments and projects, so it’s easy to get involved and participate in projects and activities that help you grow and advance. If you have the desire and ability to assist with a challenge, the C&S culture encourages involvement.  Because of this, I’ve been able to advance inside and outside of my department quickly by improving processes, identifying and fixing problem areas, and enabling individuals to take ownership of their daily tasks through coaching exercises. 

The corporate culture at C&S is demanding, but rewarding. And the C&S senior management team is quick to recognize extra effort.

My favorite thing about C&S
For me, one of the greatest benefits of working at C&S is being part of a company that cares, and goes the extra mile to help the community.  C&S is always looking to lend a hand to local charities and nonprofit organizations, and is one of the first to respond when disaster strikes, whether it’s here in the U.S. or abroad. When Katrina hit New Orleans, we had trucks loaded with ice and bottled water on the road within hours.

I always make a point to partake in the yearly United Way campaign, local environmental clean up events, and disaster assistance programs.  C&S often matches employee donations dollar for dollar

The most rewarding part of my job
The most rewarding aspect of my job is the variety. Everyday I go to work expecting to do certain activities and more often than not, I end up getting involved with a lot more.  I have never once been bored during my career here, and I’m constantly pushed to new levels.

I also enjoy working with the people here. We have people who have been here many years (sometimes decades) and newer employees who bring the best practices from their own experience.  It’s a great mix.